Erin Robinson

Erin RobinsonErin Robinson was born and raised in Michigan. She earned her Bachelor’s in Criminal Justice cum laude from Michigan State University in 2010 and became passionate about fighting for equality within the criminal system. She loves fighting hard for her clients and uprooting our racist and classist “justice” system from the bottom up.

Erin attended Washington University in St. Louis graduating in 2014 with both her law degree and Master’s in Social Work. During her time at Washington University Erin clerked with the Knox County Community Law Office, Federal Defenders of Eastern Missouri, the Bronx Defenders, and the St. Louis County Public Defender’s Office. She has six years of experience fighting for the accused as a public defender at the Nashville Defenders’ Office, Public Defender’s Office of Miami Dade County, and the State Appellate Defender Office in Michigan.

When Erin is not zealously advocating for each and every one of her clients she enjoys playing rugby.

Phone: (517) 679-2961