Joshua R. Franklin

FranklinJoshua R. Franklin is an Assistant Public Defender for Ingham County.  He was top of his class in Pretrial Criminal Advocacy and graduated with honors from Michigan State College of Law.  Prior to passing the bar, Mr. Franklin served as a law clerk in the 54-A District court to Judge Stacia Buchanan.  Currently, he is focused on the county’s First Appearance Program so that defendants accused of a crime can have access to quality representation at arraignment.  Mr. Franklin advocates for bonds that allow defendants to maintain their jobs and home lives.

 Before deciding to attend law school, Mr. Franklin taught English for the University of Cincinnati.  In his spare time, he completed a Master of Fine Arts, published a collection of short stories, and then read a book that galvanized his decision to study law and practice criminal defense: To Kill a Mockingbird

 When not practicing law, Joshua spends his time writing fiction, reading Hemmingway, brewing beer, and fishing.

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