Kristi Petroff


Joining the Office of the Public Defender as an Investigator is Kristi Petroff.  She earned a Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice from Michigan State University in 1992.  Additionally, Kristi attended the Oakland Police Academy and began her police career in 1993.  During her time as a Law Enforcement Officer, Kristi held many special assignments including DARE Officer, Field Training Officer, and Firearms Instructor.  Among the Awards that she received for her service, are the Master Patrol Officer, the Meritorious Service and the Purple Heart.

Kristi has a flawless reputation of being fair and consistent in her work ethic.  She brings with her to the Office of the Public Defender effective communication skills, critical thinking and problem solving.  Kristi is excited to be a part of the original staff for the office providing assistance and information for the attorneys to serve our clients.

The Petroff family includes Kristi’s husband Joe and their college-age children Anthony and Katryna.

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