Stephen Milks

MilksSince opening his law practice in 2011, Stephen Milks dedicated his career to representing individuals in district and circuit courts throughout Michigan.  Over the years, he defended hundreds of clients against an array of charges, ranging from traffic tickets to homicide.  An accomplished attorney, he obtained countless positive results for his clients.  Among his many achievements, he secured an acquittal for murder charges through complex motion practice, obtained ‘not-guilty’ verdicts for capital felony charges after a two-week jury trial, and serves the community by lending his legal services to the local Sobriety Court program.  Beyond the courtroom, Mr. Milks is a reoccurring contributor for Michigan’s Institute of Continuing Legal Education, in which, he researches complex legal matters, provides attorneys with reference guides, and conducts online presentations; additionally, Mr. Milks assists the Michigan State Police Training Academy in training new recruits for testifying in court. 

When not doing “legal stuff”, Mr. Milks enjoys whittling indoors (until his wife sees that, then he enjoys whittling outside).  Also, he has an amazing, brilliant wife.  Her patience exceeds all reason and she still laughs at his dumb jokes. 

He is admitted to practice law in the State of Michigan.

Contact : (517) 679-2966
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