Financial Services

The function of the Financial Services Department is to maintain official accounting records for Ingham County, generate paychecks and pay County vendors.   Customers include other county departments, county commissioners, elected officials, taxpayers, vendors and creditors.  Providing financial reports as well as fiscal data and analysis to these customers is a critical part of our mission.

The Financial Services Department is responsible for all County accounting and fiscal matters, including preparation of the Annual Financial Comprehensive Report, single audit, grant accounting and cost allocation plans. 

The Department consists of a general accounting unit,  accounts payable unit, an insurance unit, and a payroll unit. We provide all County Departments with general accounting services.  Payment to County vendors, refunds to taxpayers, and reimbursements to employees are authorized and disbursed through our accounts payable unit.  

 Our payroll unit prepares and distributes the County payroll.

 Hours of Operation:

Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Contact Us:

Ingham County Financial Services

121 E. Maple Street, Mason, MI  48854
Phone:   ( 517) 676-7329     Fax:  (517) 676-7337 

Tori Meyer, Director
(517) 676-7328

Accounts Payable 
(517) 676-7330

(517) 676-7331