Building Plans

Note: The below requirements may not be all-inclusive of the requirements for submitting plans. For questions or concerns, please contact the building inspector at (435) 893-0420.

Building plans for new homes and commercial buildings must be drawn to scale, and contain the following drawings and information:
  • Basement plan showing footing and foundation; room designations; dimensions; all walls; beams, headers, lintics, and girder sizes; bearing walls; water heater and furnace; floor drains and plumbing; floor framing information; and other relevant information
  • Exterior elevation showing exterior views, walls, finishes, doors, windows, grades, structure below grade, and other similar views
  • Fireplace cross section (details and front views)
  • Floor framing and detail plan
  • Heat loss calculations
  • Main floor and stories plan showing dimensions; room designations; window and door sizes and locations; all walls, beams, headers, lintics, and girder sizes; roof and floor framing information; kitchen and cabinet layout; appliance and equipment locations; electrical outlets and panel and service locations; smoke detectors; and other relevant information
  • Plot / Site plan showing buildings in relation to property lines and existing structures
  • Roof framing and detail plan
  • Specifications  - the type of materials used must be itemized or noted on the plans; the type of joist, plates, studs, concrete, rebar, the manufacturer or products, roofing, and other relevant information
  • Stair detail section
  • Wall cross sections showing stair layout, foundation section and footing, rebar placement, insulation depth and type, roofing, blocking, joist, trusses, and other relevant information
  • Window, door, hardware, and header schedules

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