Planning and Zoning

In accordance with the requirements of the Utah Code 17-27a-505 that zoning within counties by districts, Sevier County, is divided into specific zones which govern the use, intensity, area and other requirements for the use of land as required by this chapter.  The map accompanying this Title and incorporated by reference, the Sevier County zoning district map, identifies the location and distribution of each zone within Sevier County.  All development, use, activity and authorized permits and licenses shall adhere to all the provisions, standards and requirements of the applicable zoning district.  All contiguous property held in common ownership shall, regardless of the use of separate legal descriptions or parcel designations, be considered to be one undivided parcel for zoning and subdivisions and no portion of such property shall be sold or developed unless in conformity with the zoning and subdivision statutes and ordinances.


Planning and Zoning meetings are the 2nd Wednesday of every month.  If the date lands on a holiday then it will be rescheduled.
All paperwork is due the 3rd Friday of the month by 3:00 pm to be on the next month's agenda.

Click the link below for zoning applications and permits. 
Applications / Permits

 County Code / Ordinances  Applicable Downloadable Forms
     Title 12: Signs      Land Use Application 
     Title 13: Subdivisions       Conditional Use Permit Checklist 
     Title 14: Zoning / Land Use       Zone Change Checklist 
     Zoning Map       Short Term Rental Application 
     Nuisance Ordinance       Minor Subdivision Checklist 
     Flood Plane Ordinance       Major Subdivision Checklist 
       Fee Schedule