Required Inspections

General Inspection Rules
  • All inspection cards and plans must be on the job site during inspections.
  • All inspection tests are required (this includes electrical, plumbing, mechanical, and other related tests).
  • Concrete rebar inspections have priority over other inspections if called in within 24 hours prior to when you want the inspection.
  • Do not cover up anything requiring inspection. Failure to do so will result in the removal of the covering or the complete condemnation of work.
  • Inspections must be called in 24 hours prior to when you want the inspection.
  • No building can be occupied until the final or the building inspector issues a temporary occupancy permit.
  • Second inspection fees will be assessed against the builder, contractor, or other.

The Inspection Process
The following list of inspections may not be inclusive of all inspections required. Contact the building official if you have any questions concerning what needs inspection. 
  1. Inspection of footing reinforcement before pouring concrete footings
  2. Inspection of the foundation wall reinforcement before pouring concrete walls
  3. Any other rebar inspection
  4. Under concrete floor inspection (plumbing)
  5. Intermediate inspection
    • Inspection of rough framing and sheathing work
    • Inspection of rough plumbing work
    • Inspection of rough electrical work
    • Inspection of rough mechanical work
  6. Insulation inspection
  7. Notify the building inspector when starting to lay of brick, install siding, or apply other exterior finishes
  8. Notify the building inspector when starting to apply roofing
  9. Notify the building inspector when work starts on any fireplace or chimney
  10. Inspection of rough drywall before taping and applying drywall mud
  11. Inspection of water line before back-filling
  12. Inspection of sewer line before back-filling
  13. Inspection of gas line before back-filling
  14. Other inspections
    • 4-foot masonry wall inspection
    • Bond beam inspection
    • Masonry inspection
  15. Final inspection