Boarding Livestock

Yvonne Buchanan
Fairgrounds Caretaker

Month to month payment

Payment for stall, walker space, tack room, runs and paddocks are due on the first of each month.  Any boarder who is late (3)three months in a rolling year will be evicted from the park.

Termination of stalls
County reserves the right to terminate any stall agreement upon violation of County ordinances or rules by the permitee.

Park Attendants
Failure to comply with Park Attendants may result in facility users losing riding privileges and may result in eviction from the park.

Park Policy
Owners, trainers, and boarders are expected to keep alleyways clear of equipment, excess hay, bedding, etc.

Heat lamps, space heaters, etc, are not permitted in the barns.  Only incandescent light bulbs allowed.

Alcohol usage or possession of alcohol in the park is prohibited.

You are responsible for your own tack.  Please plan accordingly for safe keeping of your personal belongings.  The County is not responsible for lost or stolen personal items.  Any items or property remaining or left on County property after the expiration of any lease shall be treated as abandoned property and disposed of accordingly.   

Smoking is not permitted in the barns or within (25) twenty-five feet of a barn entrance as per Utah State Code.

Only one animal per stall, unless otherwise permitted.

Barn lights must be out by 11:00 p.m.

Animals are not permitted to be tied to stall doors or stall fronts.

Subletting of stalls is prohibited.

You are responsible to keep your stall areas clean.  When vacating a stall, it is the boarders responsibility to clean the stall.

Care of Animals
Owners and trainers are expected to feed their animal each morning and evening.  Animals shall have continuous access to water.

Owners, trainers, and boarders are required to clean their animal stalls each day.

Any patron that notices an animal in an unhealthy circumstance is encouraged to contact the fairgrounds attendant or event organizer.

Walker Space 
Walker space is subject to approval and signing of the user agreement.  Walkers are privately owned, maintained, and operated.

Shavings Bins 
Shaving bins are not for individual use.

The County will retain the right to use discretion in scheduling clients by booking events and daily use.

Tack Rooms

Tack rooms are available on a first come, first serve basis to renters of the horse stalls only.  Rental contracts for tack rooms are annual contracts, renewed and re-negotiated on a yearly basis.  Horse tack only shall be allowed in the tack rooms.

Stealing, which includes, but is not limited to taking shavings, taking hay, or other items for usage, stealing tack is strictly prohibited.  County Policy is that those caught stealing will be evicted and trespassed from the park and we will prosecute those whom steal to the full extent of the law.

No fairground user or leasee shall modify or alter any county property including the installation of temporary stalls, structures, or fixtures without the express, written, and prior authorization of the fairgrounds