General Policies


All children in the building must have adult supervision at all times.

When the meeting rooms and conference rooms are not needed to accommodate county and county tenant needs, the rooms are made available on a fee basis to other users and the public.

Sidewalks shall not be obstructed by booths, tents, displays or other items.

No smoking or drug use is allowed.  Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be possessed, served or consumed at or in any Sevier County Property.

Meetings and activities must be conducted in a manner to avoid any damage to the buildings, furnishings or grounds.  USERS WILL BE BILLED FOR ACTUAL LABOR AND MATERIAL COSTS OF DAMAGES.
Participants and guests are to remain in the area of the building that has been reserved for the meeting or activity.  Playing in halls, rest rooms, elevators or other unreserved areas is prohibited.  The party reserving the facility is responsible for the conduct of all participants and guests.

Pets or animals (except seeing-eye dogs) are not allowed in the buildings, with the exception of fairgrounds activities.

Food and beverages are allowed in any of the reserved areas provided proper care is taken of the facilities.  Accidental spills should be cleaned up immediately.  All waste material should be placed in proper disposal containers and taken to the dumpsters in the parking lot.  The rooms should be completely cleaned by the user.

Open flames, including lighted candles and candle warmers, are not allowed in the buildings or on the grounds.

All decorations, posters, displays, etc.  used in meeting rooms shall be free-standing, shall not be attached to walls, panels, partitions, or ceilings, and shall not block or cover fire alarm devices.

Personal portable heaters are not allowed in the buildings. Extension cords, if needed, should be three-wire variety (#14 three-wire).  Care should be taken not to overload electrical circuits.

At the conclusion of the activity, all used areas shall be completely cleaned, all waste material should be placed in proper disposal containers and lights should be turned off.

Users shall participate with a County representative in a walk-through of the property before and after each event to inspect the condition of the property.

Violation of any of these provisions may be cause for the County to deny a user’s future applications for use of county property and may cause forfeiture of the deposit.
Groups that plan to bring amusement devices such as dunk tanks and moon walks must receive prior approval from the fairgrounds attendant and list such requests on a fairgrounds use agreement.

Amplified sound (music, microphones, etc.) shall not be audible over 100 ft. from the source without prior permission of the fairgrounds attendant, County Commissioners, or their appointee, and must conform to current noise ordinance.

Fires are allowed only in grills and fire pits, and must be attended at all times and extinguished before leaving.  Never place hot coals in any garbage receptacles.

Leave the fairgrounds in as good, if not better condition than when you arrived.  Remove table covers, tape, and cooking oil or grease from tables, grills, and floors.  Pick up all bottles, cans, paper, cigarette butts, etc., and place in garbage receptacles or take bagged trash with you when you are finished.

Do not tamper with trees, shrubs, flowers, sprinkler systems, fountains, circuit breakers, light plugs or rest room fixtures.  Fences, signs, structures, and other park property should not be damaged in any way.

No skateboards, roller blades, or scooters are allowed in the park.

There is no overnight camping in the fairgrounds unless approved by the fairgrounds attendant.

No long term trailer storage allowed, (over seven days).

Please vacate the area when your reservation time is up.

Use of any County equipment must be pre-approved by fairgrounds attendant.

Fairground users must pay for damages they cause to facilities.