Big Rock Candy

Big Rock 10
Big Rock Candy Mountain

(Photo by Kreig Rasmussen) 
Harry McClintock first recorded the song "Big Rock Candy Mountain" in 1928. The lyrics describe a traveling hobo who comes down the tracks to find the peace and perfection of the Big Rock Candy Mountain. 

According to the song, Big Rock is a place where the handouts grow on bushes, the cops all have wooden legs, and you sleep all day next to a spring of lemonade. 

At some point after the song's release, a group of central Utah residents placed a sign at the bottom of a caramel colored group of hills identifying the site as Big Rock Candy Mountain. 

Next to one of the local springs, they also placed a placard identifying it as the "Lemonade Spring". The name stuck and the site has become world renowned for both its natural beauty and outdoor recreational opportunities. 

Big Rock Candy Mountain is located about 30 miles south of Richfield in the Sevier Canyon. The railroad was washed out in the floods of 1983 but you can still get lemonade at the local restaurant. 

In addition to the restaurant, Big Rock includes a small motel, RV Park, cabins and tent sites. Opportunities to enjoy the outdoors abound including the Paiute ATV Trail, great fishing, hiking and rafting or kayaking the Sevier river. 

For more information about the Big Rock Candy Mountain resort or to make reservations to stay a while, please call (435) 326-2000.