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Utah's Trail Country is like taking a step back in time through the history of the West. From the footpaths of the Fremont Indians who originally inhabited the area to the Old Spanish Trail blazed by the conquistadores, Utah's Trail Country offers a treasure trove of historic opportunity.  These trails, together with those blazed by miners and loggers, can be accessed on foot, mountain bike, or offroad vehicle.

Old West miners used local trails to build and maintain the Kimberly Mine.  Now a well-known ghost town, these trails compress time for the visitor, offering a glimpse into Utah's distant past.  

The Fremont Indian State Park allows visitors an opportunity to step back to a time to a place when Native Americans hunted, fished, gathered and planted in the area for nearly 1,000 years.  These trails can be hiked or biked and offer access to some of the world's most impressive petroglyphs and other rock art. 

Don't miss Fish Lake!  Its trails offer access to some of the best fishing in the western United States.  Whether you are walking the shoreline trail or hiking in the mountains behind the lake, you will be amazed by the basin's beauty and fresh air.  Stay overnight and witness the same star-filled skies that Native Americans and those traveling the Old Spanish Trail saw hundreds of years ago.

We look forward to having you visit Trail Country. If we can do anything to help you prepare for or make your visit more enjoyable, please don't hesitate to contact us at 1-844-4-MY-TRAIL (844-469-8724) or via e-mail at

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