Next Election:  Primary Election on June 28, 2022
It's a Party Thing!!  The Primary Election is an election for the political parties to choose their candidates for the November General Election.   You may only vote one ballot for the Primary Election.  Voters not affiliated with a political party may request a party's Primary ballot, but will not automatically receive a  ballot for the Primary Election.  To request a ballot, please complete the Primary Election Ballot Request Form, and return it to the County Clerk's office.

Some parties are considered OPEN and will let anyone regardless of party affiliation vote in their Primary Election .   The following parties are OPEN:
  • Democratic Party
  • Independent American Party
  • United Utah Party 
Some parties are considered CLOSED and will only let members of their political party vote in their Primary Election.  The following parties are CLOSED:
  • Constitution Party
  • Libertarian Party
  • Republican Party
Your political party will be listed on your Voter Information Card.  You can check or change your political party online at vote.utah.gov or by filling out a Voter Registration Form and submitting it to the County Clerk's Office.  

Upcoming Deadlines: 
March 31, 2022 - Last day to change Party Affiliation  for the Primary Election (Unaffiliated voters may affiliate up to or on Election Day.)
  Beginning May 1, 2022 - Sign up to track your ballot at http://ballottrax.utah.gov/
   June 7, 2022 - Ballots for the 2022 Primary Election mailed
  June 9, 2022 - Public Test of Election Tabulating Equipment
  June 17, 2022 - Last day to register to vote and receive a by mail ballot for Primary Election
   June 28, 2022 - Primary Election (Sample Ballot)  

Useful Resources

Sevier County is committed to providing the most up-to-date information regarding election regulations, registration processes, and candidate resources. See the following links for information: