Recording Requirements

Please note that the Recorder's Office will no longer accept a photocopy of a previous document that has been recorded for the legal description. Please retype the legal description on a blank sheet of paper or we will return them unrecorded to be retyped. Additionally, all fees - including fax fees - must be paid in advance. In order to be accepted by the Recorder's Office as a recordable document, each document must:
  • Be an original or copy certified by a public office of record (State Code 57-3-106)
  • Be resigned and renotarized if a re-recorded document (State Code 57-3-106)
  • Be a standardized form or be charged a noncompliant fee of $2 per page; government forms are not charged this fee (State Code 17-21-20)
  • Contain a legible legal description of property situated in Sevier County (State Code 57-3-105)
  • Contain original signatures of the grantors; stamped or computerized signatures are not acceptable (State Code 57-3-106)
  • Document must have serial numbers for all legal descriptions (State Code 17-21-20)
  • Have an original notary public acknowledgment including signature and seal (Statute 57-3-106)
  • Have the grantee's correct mailing address if document is a deed or other conveyance document, such as an Affidavit of Identity, decree, or other similar document (State Code 57-3-105)
  • Have the name of at least one trustee and a correct mailing address for trustee; the name and date of the trust must be included on property in a trust (State Code 75-7-819)

Note: The Recorder’s Office stamp is customarily placed in the upper right-hand corner of the first page of the document. The area needed for this is 4 by 2 inches.

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