What We Do

Duties & Functions
In Sevier County, the Recorder's Office:
  • Assists the public in locating real property on maps
  • Houses the survey maps (these are indexed and available to the public for inspection during office hours; copies of these surveys may be purchased from the Recorder's Office)
  • Keeps the records open for public use Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, except for posted holidays
  • Maintains an abstract or index for all documents and property located in the county
  • Maintains current property maps
  • Provides property ownership for assessing and taxation purposes
  • Records military documents at no charge and provides copies of them at no charge
  • Refers others to our property information website so they can look up their own information
  • Sells copies of maps, surveys, microfilm, computer disks / CDs, and copies of recorded documents including certified copies of documents; the office will also fax or email TIFF or JPEG files for the same copy price
  • Gives information only on the last vesting document over the phone

Note: The Recorder's Office requires all fees to be paid in advance.

Functions Not Overseen by the Recorder
The Recorder's Office does not do the following:
  • Furnish remainder descriptions to the public
  • Give legal advice - Contact an attorney or title company for help
  • Give out a computer abstract over the phone - This includes information on every document except the last vesting document
  • Give out legal descriptions over the telephone
  • Interpret recorded instruments for the public
  • Look up mortgages, deeds of trust, or reconveyances, assignments, or other documents unless provided with an entry number or book and page of that document
  • Make title or lien searches for the public
  • Prepare or alter legal documents or write legal descriptions for the public
  • Proofread documents before recording them
  • Provide shape files for the public, businesses, or surveyors