What are the office hours at the Recorder's Office?

May I get a plat map of my property?

How do I transfer ownership of my property to someone else?

Can you tell me if there are any liens on my property?

What water and mining records do you have?

What records are available at the Recorder's Office?

What is a parcel or serial number?

What is a Title Search?

What is the Title to my property?

How do I file a lien or remove a lien?

How do I add a name to my property?

How is my property zoned?

Where can I get forms for deeds and other documents?

How long will it take to get my original documents returned after they are recorded?

May I combine more than one piece of property into one piece or can I divide a piece of property into multiple pieces?

How long will it take before the ownership change is made on the property I just purchased?