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About Our Wells & Septic Programs

chris-septic-inspection-candidAbout Our Wells & Septic Programs
On-Site Wastewater Program
Environmental Health Specialists ensure septic systems are built and working properly for new homes and facilities. Staff coordinate with developers and homeowners on the process, pending permit approval for construction and operations. Staff examines soil, topography, landscape position, soil wetness, soil depth and barriers that may interfere with septic system operations. Staff also investigates complaints about sewage odor and on-site septic system problems. They issue notices of violation, when appropriate, which give a 30-day deadline to fix problems and bring sites into compliance.

dscn0719Well Inspection and Safe Drinking Water Program
Facing a large number of factors that could compromise the safety of our community’s well water, staff continually looks for problems ranging from non-compliance of regulatory standards to unsafe well construction. Staff also investigate the contamination of underground water supplies and distribute informationWell Inspection to homes that draw this water through wells while problems are being corrected. Inorganic testing of well water is available for a fee. These samples are sent to the state lab for testing. Testing is conducted for a fee and as part of the well water permitting process. Results are usually available in 18-24 hours.