Records & Property Information

Property Information / Change of Address Forms
Property information is available here.  Address changes can be made in the Recorder’s Office.  Click here to fill out and submit an Address Change Form to the office.

Address changes can also be made by telephone by calling the Recorder’s Office at (435) 893-0410.

Online Document Web Search
Our images/scanned documents are now available online at  To access and view the documents, create a free account by going to 'Log in' and create a 'New Registered User'.  You cannot view the documents until you create an account.  It is free to create an account and only costs once you are ready to purchase a selected document.

Purchasing a document online is the same cost as in the office, $0.25 per page plus a credit card transaction charge at the time of purchase.  Once purchased, they will be available on your account under 'Purchase History'.

To prevent potential issues with the webpage, we recommend using a Chrome browser.

Additional Resources